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Getting Started Guide

Supported Databases in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Does the DataStore need to reside on the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor server?

Migrating Your DataStore To a New Database

Exporting and Importing Your DataStore or Configuration

Finding the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor DataStore location

How to move the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor datastore directory

Connecting to the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor DataStore via ODBC

How to run a DB query on retained metrics

ERROR: Connection pool congestion



How to contact technical support to report an Uptime Infrastructure Monitor problem

How to register and login to the online User Community

Agent install file is corrupt after download

Agent not responding after IP or hostname change

Can't add HMC managed server to up.time

Unable to contact agent

Problems adding an Agent to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Tru64 agent does not ignore NFS file systems

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent daemon error: permission denied

Administrator's Guide

Metrics Monitored by Operating System

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Version Support Status

Active Directory Service Monitor example

Can I add a system to a maintenance window that has already started?

Changing a monitored host's IP address

Changing the default host check

Change the default Service Monitors (PING or UPTIME)

Creating Maintenance Windows

Does the DNS monitor support reverse lookups?

File System Capacity Monitor Examples

How many exclusions can the File System Capacity Monitor use?

How to monitor email flow between two mail servers

How to create a Service Group

How to set a service to only run once a day

Monitoring HTTP Services in a Load Balanced Cluster

Monitoring Novell NRM Systems

Monitoring services running on a different IP address than the agent

Playing a custom sound during an alert

Understanding and Using Retained Data

Using the agentcmd utility




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