You can manually configure the email server that is used to send alerts and reports to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor users by following these steps:

  1. On the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor tool bar, click Config.
  2. In the Tree panel, click Mail Servers.
  3. In the sub-panel, click Edit Mail Server Configuration.
  4. Type the name of the mail server in the SMTP Server field.  The name of the server should follow this convention: smtp...
  5. Enter the port used by the mail server in the SMTP Port field (optional).
  6. In the SMTP Sender field, enter the email address that Uptime Infrastructure Monitor uses to send alert notifications and reports (the originating email address must be a valid email address).
  7. In the SMTP Helo String field, enter the string that identifies the domain from which a message is being sent.  For example:
  8. In the SMTP User field, enter the user name that is used to authenticate connections.
  9. In the SMTP Password field, enter the password that is used to authenticate connections.
  10. Click Save.

To test the mail server configuration, click the Test Configuration button in the sub-panel.  The monitoring station will try to send an email containing the configuration information for the email address of the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor administrator.  If an error message appears in the sub-panel, edit and then re-test the configuration.

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