Below is the list of the OIDs used to collect configuration data and performance metrics related to Network Device elements in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

Configuration OIDs

These configuration information OIDs are collected when the Network Device is added to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor and updated regularly by the Configuration Update Gatherer which rescans every 24 hours.

OIDMIBNameMandatory NameYes DescriptionYes ContactNo LocationNo TableYes IndexYes NameYes - If unavailable, (RFC1213-MIB) will be used instead DescriptionNo TypeYes Admin StatusYes Operational StatusYes SpeedYes MACYes

Performance Metric OIDs

Performance metrics are only collected for Network Devices that are switches or routers added in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. Metrics will be gathered for ports that have "Port Admin Status" as up and have a valid speed value available.

OIDMIBNameUnitsNotes RateKbpsIf unavailable, (RFC1213-MIB) will be used instead
  In UsagePercentCalculated by dividing In Rate by interface speed. RateKbpsIf unavailable, (RFC1213-MIB) will be used instead
  Out UsagePercentCalculated by dividing Out Rate by interface speed.
  UsagePercentCalculated by adding In Usage and Out Usage together. Errors#/sec Errors#/sec 
  Errors#/secCalculated by adding In Errors and Out Errors together. Discards#/sec Discards#/sec 
  Discards#/secCalculated by adding In Discards and Out Discards together.

Troubleshooting with snmpwalk

Although most SNMP enabled network devices provide the OID's listed above, not all do. If there are issues adding a network device to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, it is helpful to use snmpwalk to review the OIDs available on the device. The article "Troubleshooting Network Device Issues with snmpwalk" explains how to do this.