Installing the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor AIX or HP-UX Agent
  1. Download the latest version of the agent from the downloads page
  2. Be sure to select the appropriate Agent for your system version and architecture.
  3. FTP or copy the agent file to the system on which the agent will run. If you are using FTP to transfer the file, ensure that you use binary mode.
  4. Log in to the AIX server you copied the Agent to in Step 3 as root.
  5. Run the following command:

    tar -xf <filename>.tar

  6. Run the script and wait for the message informing you that the installation is complete.
  7. Manually restart (x)inetd on the system to ensure that the agent is set up to run when the monitoring station polls it.

Uninstalling the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor AIX or HP-UX Agent
  1. Change to the directory in which you extracted the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent from its archive.
  2. Run the following script:

    # ./

  3. When prompted, type y and press Enter to uninstall the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent.


Agent Password

The Agent's password will be removed when re-installing or upgrading the agent, the password will need to be re-entered.