After changing the hostname of a system, you may not be able to access the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor UI due to the hard-coded hostname configuration in the uptime.conf file.
To resolve this issue, ensure that the following parameters in the uptime.conf file are set to the resolvable hostname for the system:



If using Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.2 or later you may also notice that the Dashboard are now blank.

To resolve the blank Dashboards issue you will have to ensure the configuration above is done first then continue with the instructions below: 
Update the following files and change the old hostname to the new hostname:
  • uptime/apache/conf/httpd.conf
  • uptime/controller/resources/uptime-controller.conf
If your Uptime Infrastructure Monitor deployment is running on a Linux server then you will be able to do a global substitution in vi, using the command:
If using SSL then you will also need to rebuild the keystore
First remove the keystore which is located in uptime/controller/etc
Then generate another keystore file with the new hostname.  In the uptime/controller directory on a Linux deployment run 'sh ./' and on a Windows deployment run generate-keystore.bat

Lastly, you will have to restart the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor service for the changes to take effect: