Uptime Infrastructure Monitor collects the configuration and performance data outlined in this article from Net-SNMP implementations. Additional performance data outside of this set can be collected using the SNMP service monitor with retained performance metrics.  If you haven't already please review How to add a Net-SNMP enabled server to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

List of Required Net-SNMP MIBs

All data that Uptime Infrastructure Monitor gathers from Net-SNMP is based on the following MIB implementations:

  • RFC 1213 - Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets

    Presents network interface information.


    Presents general system state information.

  • Host Resources MIB (RFC 2790)

    Presents system performance data.

System Configuration Data

MetricExplanationSource MIB
sysNameThe name of the system on which Net-SNMP is running.RFC 1213 - sysName
sysDescThe hardware architecture of the system.RFC 1213 - sysDesc
hrDeviceTableUptime Infrastructure Monitor uses the following information returned by this metric: the number of CPUs on the system and the CPU configuration.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrDeviceTable.
memTotalRealThe amount of memory available on the system.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memTotalReal
memTotalSwapThe size of swap space available on the system.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memTotalSwap
ifDescrThe name of the network card that is installed on the system.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifDescr
ifMtuThe largest amount of data that the network interface can transmit in a single physical frame.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifMtu
ifSpeedThe maximum speed of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifSpeed
ifPhysAddressThe physical address of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifPhysAddress

System Performance Data

MetricExplanationSource MIB
ssCpuUserThe amount of time that the CPU on the system spends executing user processes.UCD-SNMP-MIB - systemstats/ssCpuUser
ssCpuSystemThe amount of time that the CPU spends processing system calls.UCD-SNMP-MIB - systemstats/ssCpuSystem
ssCpuIdleThe amount of time that the CPU is idle.UCD-SNMP-MIB - systemstats/ssCpuIdle
hrSystemProcessesThe number of processes that are running on the system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSystemProcesses
memTotalSwapThe total amount of swap space on the system.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memTotalSwap
memAvailSwapThe amount of swap space that is available.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memAvailSwap
memAvailRealThe amount of available memory.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memAvailReal
memTotalFreeThe total amount of free memory.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memTotalFree
ifDescrThe name of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifDescr
ifInOctectsThe amount of data, measured in octets, that is moving into the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifInOctects
ifInErrorsThe number of inbound errors.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifInErrors
ifOutOctectsThe amount of data, measured in octets, that is moving out of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifOutOctects
ifOutErrorsThe number of outbound errors.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifOutErrors
hrStorageDescrA description of the file system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrStorage/hrStorageDescr
hrStorageSizeThe total amount of storage space on the file system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrStorage/hrStorageSize
hrStorageUsedThe amount of storage space on the file system that has been used.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrStorage/hrStorageUsed
hrSWRunNameThe name of a process that is currently running.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRun/hrSWRunName
hrSWRunIndexThe ID of the process that is currently running.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRunIndex
hrSWRunPerfCPUThe number of centi-seconds of the total system CPU resources that a running process is consuming.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRunPerf/hrSWRunPerfCPU
hrSWRunPerfMemThe amount of memory that a running process is using.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRunPerf/hrSWRunPerfMem
hrSystemNumUsersThe number of users currently active on the system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSystemNumUsers