A pSeries server that is hosting multiple logical partitions (LPARs). The VIO (virtual input/output) handles the physical I/O requests from the LPARs that are on the server. In this configuration, Uptime Infrastructure Monitor directly polls the agents installed on the VIO and LPARs on a pSeries server for workload and other data.

If a VIO server is contained as an LPAR on a pSeries chassis already added to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, the VIO LPAR should be added in the same way as any other LPAR.  This is accomplished via the Logical Partitions link (on the pSeries element info page) by clicking the appropriate Add to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor button that corresponds with the VIO LPAR.

Online Documentation

For more information please review the online documentation - Using Auto Discovery and Installing Agents on IBM pSeries Servers