Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is able to monitor the status of a Windows service and automatically restart it by using a combination of the Windows Service monitor and an action profile.  To set this up:

  1. Ensure that the agent CmdsPassword value in registry key HKLM\Software\\uptime software\uptime agent\ is set and then restart the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent service on your target agent system.
  2. Create an action profile to restart your target service.  Under the Windows Service section, enter the following values:
    1. Windows Host: name of the target agent you would like to restart the service on.
    2. Agent Port: agent listening port (9998 by default).
    3. Windows Service: full Windows service name.
    4. Action: Start.
    5. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Agent Password: password as set in step 1.
    6. Use SSL: Yes/No.
  3. Save the Action Profile and test it to ensure the service is restarted correctly.
  4. Create a Windows Service check service monitor against the agent you wish to monitor the service on.  Be sure to use the full service name within the monitor settings and choose to alert if the service is not running. Assign the service monitor to the action profile created in step 2.