up.time Data Collector is unavailable
Please contact your Uptime administrator to have the Data Collector restarted.
For instructions on how to restart Uptime click Starting and Stopping Uptime for further details.

This message may appear while attempting to access the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Virtual Appliance UI if the network configuration has been changed via the network configuration tool.

To resolve this issue, localhost.localdomain will need to be re-added to the loopback adapter ( line in the /etc/hosts file.

  • Log in to the Virtual Appliance using the default credentials (username: root, password: uptime).
  • Re-add a localhost.localdomain alias to /etc/hosts with the following command:
# echo ' localhost.localdomain' >> /etc/hosts
  • Reboot the Virtual Appliance.
  • Try browsing to the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor interface and enter your license key (see How do I access my License Key for further information).