You may find that the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent is using 100% of the system's available CPU resources.  This symptom is typically caused by one or more of the following underlying issues:


Hundreds of processes running on the agent system


The Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent will (by default) attempt to track workload information for all processes running on a Windows system.  If the system has hundreds of rapidly spawning processes, the agent may produce heavy workload while tracking these short-lived processes.  To resolve this condition, disable process data collection within the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent admin console.


Some Windows counters are corrupt or unavailable


If the local system performance counters are encountering errors, the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent may struggle to contain the errors produced by these counters.  This issue can usually be resolved by repairing the counters.  To identify the faulty counters, enable debugging in the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor agent admin console and send the output to [email protected].  For more information on this issue, see Rebuilding Windows Performance Counters.


Increased Workload on Systems Running Terminal Services


Windows systems that are running Terminal Services may increase agent workload due to the number of short-lived running processes, similar to the root cause described in item 1 above.