When Uptime Infrastructure Monitor attempts to perform a ping check, the following error message may appear:

Error while pinging: Failed to create raw socket

This error is commonly caused by permission problems with the icmp executable that Uptime Infrastructure Monitor uses to verify the PING status of a monitored element.  To resolve this issue, follow the steps below for the appropriate platform.

Windows Platforms

Ensure that you have installed Uptime Infrastructure Monitor as a local administrator.  This error is only known to occur when Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is installed as a domain or by a non-local administrator.

Linux or Solaris Platforms

Ensure that the permissions on the icmp binary are the same as those detailed below.  The root user must own this binary so that it can create raw sockets.

# ls -l /usr/local/uptime4/icmp.exe -rws--x--x 1 root root 9663 Sep 18 16:35 /usr/local/uptime4/bin/icmp.exe

To test that the permissions are correct, execute the icmp binary directly by entering the following command:

       /bin/icmp.exe 3

The following example shows a sample output from the icmp binary:

> icmp.exe testagent 3 ICMP PING:avg-6.67, loss-0.00%, packets-3

Solaris Platforms

Only In some cases, non-global zones may be utilizing a Loopback File System that will prevent the suid bit from being used.  If a loopback file system is in place, ICMP.EXE should be able to run if the file is moved to another filesystem type that allows suid, and symlinked into the uptime/bin folder.