If a Solaris agent is not collecting data because it is timing out, increase the timeout from the default 30 seconds with the following steps: 

1. Run:


inetadm -l /network/uptimeagent/tcp | fgrep exec


This will return the current agent execution script and should be


2. Run the following command to increase the time out (in this case to 600 seconds or 10 minutes):

inetadm -m /network/uptimeagent/tcp exec="/opt/uptime-agent/bin/uptimeagent -t 600"

3. Run the following command to verify that the change was successful:

inetadm -l /network/uptimeagent/tcp | fgrep exec

You should see the following output:

/opt/uptime-agent/bin/uptimeagent -t 600

You should now be able to poll the agent and Uptime Infrastructure Monitor should be able to collect data from the agent as the timeout has been increased.