Duplicate reports may be generated for several reasons.  To isolate the cause, check the following points:


  1. Has the report been saved twice?  Check your My Portal page for duplicate saves of the same report.
  2. Is your email address repeated twice in the user group?  If your email address or alias is in the user group list more than once, you will receive a report for each repeat of the address.  Also check if you have configured Uptime Infrastructure Monitor to send to a shared group email alias as well as your personal email address.
  3. Did somebody manually generate the report from My Portal?  Generating a scheduled report from the My Portal page will send a copy of the report in addition to the regular scheduled report.
  4. Are two or more Uptime Infrastructure Monitor core instances running?  If two cores are running, both will generate and send the report.  Note that you should never have identical cores running.  Check for multiple cores by running ps -ef | grep uptime and verifying that there is only one Java process.  If there is more than one Java process, restart Uptime Infrastructure Monitor and ensure that the Java process has stopped and restarted properly.