If you do not have a current or valid Uptime Infrastructure Monitor license key, contact your Account Executive or send an email to [email protected].  You will need the HostID (How to find your HostID) for the Monitoring Station system to generate a permanent license key. 

The HostID is displayed in the License Info tab and should appear similar to the following: 001110bf101d

Note: You do not need a permanent license key if you are evaluating Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. The Uptime Infrastructure Monitor trial includes a demo license that can run on any system and has an expiry date.

In addition to your Uptime Infrastructure Monitor license, the License Info page displays the number of elements that are currently using a license in the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor deployment.

To install or update a license:

  1. Click Config on the tool bar.
  2. In the Tree page, click License Info.
  3. If you currently have an Uptime Infrastructure Monitor license, it is displayed in the License Information page.
  4. Paste the new or updated license in the License Key text box.
  5. Click Update.


Ensure that the message above the text box accurately indicates your license entitlement.  If it does not, there is a problem with your license key format.