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If you did not log out of the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor UI before upgrading (refer to step 5 of Upgrading to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.2 through 7.5), you may see the following error after attempting to login after the upgrade:

Database is not responding...
java.lang.NumberFormatException: null 
at java.lang.Long.parseLong(Unknown Source) 
at java.lang.Long.valueOf(Unknown Source) 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.simple.SimpleDataServiceQuery.getUserId( 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.query.GetLandingPageForUser.getUser( 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.query.GetLandingPageForUser.getLandingPageUrl( 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.query.GetLandingPageForUser.getResultSet( 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.QueryExecutor.getResultSet( 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.ResultSetCommandExecutor.execute( 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.FrontEndCommandExecutor.execute( 
at com.uptimesoftware.uptime.dataservice.FrontEndCommandType.execute( 
at Source)

To resolve this issue, you can force the logout by\nnavigating to: http://servername:9999/main.php?logout=1 where servername:9999 is the name of your server and the port you use to connect to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

Other options to clear the issue include:

  • Clear the cache and restart the browser.
  • Reboot the server.
  • Click the logout button (if visible).