The easiest way to determine the earlier status of a service monitor is by running the "Service Monitor Outage" Report for the Element where the monitor runs.

Or you can run the following query to get the configuration ID of the monitor you want to check:

SELECT configuration_id from erdc_instance
WHERE name <name of the monitor>;

Next, run the following query to see the status of the monitor (ordered by date) and its status message:

SELECT, e.display_name, ei.configuration_id,, esr.erdc_status_mnemonic, esr.last_transition, est.message
FROM entity e, erdc_instance ei, erdc_configuration ec, erdc_status_retention esr, erdc_status_transition_log est 
WHERE ei.monitored = 1 and ei.configuration_id = <ID from first query> 
AND ei.erdc_status_retention_id = esr.erdc_status_retention_id 
AND ei.entity_id = e.entity_id 
AND est.erdc_instance_id = ei.erdc_instance_id 
AND = ei.configuration_id 
order by esr.last_transition