To enable Uptime Infrastructure Monitor to collect information from a WebLogic server, the weblogic.jar file must be deployed on the monitoring station.

The weblogic.jar file only needs to be configured once; there is no need to repeat the steps in this article when adding further WebLogic service monitors.

To deploy the weblogic.jar file:

  1. Locate the weblogic.jar file on the WebLogic server.

    The file is located in the lib folder in the directory in which WebLogic is installed. For example, on Windows the default folder is:

  2. Where: XX is the WebLogic version.

  3. Copy the file to the externaljar directory on the monitoring station. You may have to create the externaljar folder in the uptime base installation folder.

    For example, on Windows, copy the file to:

    C:\Program Files\uptime software\uptime\externaljar