There are several strategies for monitoring and reporting on application availability and performance with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.  We generally recommend using the following service monitors to monitor any type of application in your environment:

  • Performance Monitor: monitor total system CPU.
  • Performance Monitor: monitor your application's background processes for CPU usage.
  • Process Count Check: monitor the presence of background processes that relate to your application.
  • Windows Service Check: on Windows servers, check that the service that drives your application is running.
  • TCP / UPD Checks: check that external ports for your application are responding.
  • HTTP Check: if your application has a web front end, check it using this monitor.
  • Application-Specific Monitors: Uptime Infrastructure Monitor includes many built-in monitors for applications such as Oracle, Exchange, WebSphere, etc.
  • Custom Monitors: if the built-in monitors do not provide all the capabilities you require, you can build a custom service monitor.  After you have all of your OS and application monitors set up, you can roll all of these pieces together into an Application in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. This allows you to report on overall application availability over time.