It can be time consuming to individually add a large number of systems and network devices to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor using the Add System/Network Device window, especially if you do not know their exact names or IP addresses. Auto Discovery is an effective way to quickly populate Uptime Infrastructure Monitor's monitored inventory.

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor includes the Auto-Discovery wizard, which launches automatically when you launch the product for the first time. Use this wizard to discover all types of devices in a single pass while adding monitoring and alerting at the same time you add the device. For more information about the Auto-Discovery wizard, see Using the Auto-Discovery Wizard.

Although Auto Discovery can be used at any time to refresh inventories, it is a logical next step after installing the Monitoring Station for the first time.

You can access Auto Discovery from the Infrastructure panel. When initiated, you can indicate whether the auto-discovery process will be focused on your physical network, VMware virtual inventory, or HMC-managed virtual servers. See the following topics for more information:

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