Hello Controller

To validate that your Uptime Controller installation is functioning, enter the following URL in a browser by replacing uptimeHostname with the hostname you normally use to access Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, and 9997 with the correct port if you did not use the default value when you first installed Uptime Infrastructure Monitor:


Your browser may warn you about connecting to an unsigned secure connection. You can acknowledge this error and continue.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you may be prompted to save the output of this web page instead of view it.

If this command functions properly, output similar to the following results:


Hello Validation

To validate that the Uptime Controller is configured correctly, and can be accessed only by users with the appropriate access privileges, attempt to access a protected API endpoint by browsing to a URL similar to the following:


If this API call is successful, you are prompted to enter a username and password. Enter valid Uptime Infrastructure Monitor user credentials. You should now be presented with a large block of text detailing the Elements you have already added to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

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