Some configuration options affect the Monitoring Station interface. These can be modified by manually inputting settings in the Configuration panel, as outlined in Modifying Uptime Config Panel Settings.

Status Alert Acknowledgement

When services reach a warning or critical state, administrators can flag an alert as “acknowledged,” which prevents subsequent alerts from broadcasting, giving them time to investigate the issue. See Acknowledging Alerts for more information.

Service status alert acknowledgements can be reported in the status tables on the Global Scan dashboard. By default, status alert acknowledgement counts are not shown; if enabled a new column (labelled ACK) appears in the Service Status section of Global Scan. When the current status of a monitor is acknowledged, it appears in the ACK column instead of in the WARN or CRIT column.

You can enable or disable status acknowledgement (that is, add or remove the ACK column from the status tables) through the following parameter (the default value is shown):

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Custom Dashboard Tabs

Custom dashboards can be added to My Portal to display custom content that is relevant to the particular user who is currently logged in. Up to 50 dashboards can be added, each of which is accessed through, and viewed in, its own tab at the top of My Portal.

A custom dashboard tab is configured by pointing Uptime Infrastructure Monitor to a custom Web page, and indicating which User Group is able to view it. You can enable and configure the first dashboard through the following parameters:


Values for the first three parameters are required. If no name is specified for the User Group parameter (or, if no User Groups are defined), the custom dashboard is visible to all Uptime Infrastructure Monitor users. Thus, a User Group parameter is only required if you want to restrict or refine user access to a particular custom dashboard.

To create additional tabs, add the same set of parameters, but increment the tab count:





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