You can also use the Auto Discovery feature to add pSeries systems that are managed by the Hardware Management Console (HMC). The HMC is an interface for managing and configuring pSeries servers that are hosting multiple logical partitions (LPARs). When an HMC is attached to one or more pSeries servers with LPARs, the servers are considered managed servers.

In this configuration, the HMC manages all I/O requests from the LPARs. Use the Auto Discovery feature to detect the managed servers and add them to up.time. Through the HMC, up.time polls the agents installed on the VIO and the LPARs on a pSeries server for workload and other data, as illustrated below:

In order to monitor the managed servers and their LPARs, up.time must communicate with the HMC.

Before up.time can communicate with an HMC, you must enable SSH on the latter. See the up.time Knowledge Base article entitled Enabling SSH on the Hardware Management Console for more information.

Using Auto Discovery

To use Auto Discovery to add pSeries servers that are managed by an HMC, do the following:

  1. In the My Infrastructure panel, click Auto Discovery.
    The Auto Discovery window appears.
  2. Select Discover IBM Sysm p Frames using HMC, then click Next.
  3. In the HMC Hostname field, enter the name of the system on which the HMC is running.
  4. In the Username and Password fields, provide the information required to log into the HMC.
  5. Select the Element Group in which newly discovered systems will be placed.
  6. Click Next to begin the auto-discovery process.
    A list of the systems that match all your defined criteria is generated. The time required for the list to populate is dependent on the breadth of your search criteria.
  7. When the auto-discovery list has been completed, select the corresponding check boxes for all the servers you wish to add to up.time.
  8. Click Next to begin adding your selections.
    As your selections are added to up.time as Elements, the progress of their addition is displayed.

    If this process is not fully completed, none of the queued servers become up.time Elements.

  9. Click Done.
    All of the new Elements will appear in the selected Element group under My Infrastructure.



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