The My Portal panel gives quick access to basic Uptime Infrastructure Monitor functions and to saved reports. The My Portal panel is divided into several sections:


The top portion of the My Portal panel gives you quick access to the following:

  • tutorials that demonstrate how to perform basic tasks in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor
  • Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s online help
  • the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor community support forums

There is also a search engine with which you can find information at the IDERA Support Portal.

My Preferences

The My Preferences section enables you to:

  • view your user account settings
  • change your user account settings by clicking the edit icon (see Editing User Information for details on editing your user account settings)

Latest Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Articles

The Latest Uptime Articles section contains a list of recent Uptime Knowledge Base articles. This list is fed to the My Portal panel via RSS (Really Simple Syndication, a method for delivering summaries of and links to Web content). You simply click the title of the article to open it in your Web browser.

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Information

The Uptime Information section contains the following information about your Monitoring Station:

  • Whether updates are available. If an update is available, there is a link to the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Client Care Portal where you can download the update.
  • The status of your license, including the type of license and the numbers remaining before the license expires.

My Alerts

The My Alerts section contains a list of Elements that are in a warning or critical state, and are sending alerts to you (and anyone else in the same Notification Group).

Saved Reports

The Saved Reports tab lists the reports that you have scheduled and saved. For more information on scheduling reports, see Scheduling Reports.

This section contains the following information about the reports:

  • the name of the report
  • an optional description of the report
  • which Uptime Infrastructure Monitor user saved this report for you
  • whether the report is scheduled to run at a specific time
  • whether the report is saved to a directory on the Monitoring Station or on another server
  • the time at which the report is next be run, in the following format: Wed Oct 12 14:30:00 EDT 2016

The My Portal panel only displays the reports and graphs that you have defined. However, a system administrator or a user with administrator privileges can view all saved reports.

By default, the following saved reports are created when Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is installed:

Custom Dashboards

A custom dashboard tab displays the contents of an external Web page that is referenced by URL. Creating one or more custom tabs allows Uptime Infrastructure Monitor users to view customized content through My Portal.

Custom dashboards are visible to members of specific, dashboard-related User Groups. For information on configuring a custom dashboard, see Custom Dashboard Tabs.

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