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This knowledge base article explains how to monitor the WPAR file systems usage on AIX. This information will be collected by the Uptime AIX Agent.

By default, the /wpars directory requires 0700 permissions but the Uptime Agent is run as the "uptime" user, so it does not have access to the /wpars directory. Setting up an ACL for the /wpars using the following steps will get around this limitation.

  • Open the ACL editor for the /wpars directory
export EDITOR=/usr/bin/vi
acledit /wpars


  • Change the extended permissions to permit the "uptime" user access to the directory. It should look something like this:
extended permissions
permit --x u:uptime


Once the "uptime" user has access to the /wpars directories, the file system metrics will be collected automatically by the Uptime Agent and viewable in the Uptime IM UI (wait at least 15 minutes for sufficient metrics to be collected to generate a File System graph).