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Article Contents

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up.time collects the configuration and performance data outlined in this article from Net-SNMP implementations. Additional performance data outside of this set can be collected using the SNMP service monitor with retained performance metrics.

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List of Required Net-SNMP MIBs

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All data that up.time gathers from Net-SNMP is based on the following MIB implementations:

  • RFC 1213 - Management Information Base for Network Management of TCP/IP-based internets \n

    Presents network interface information.

  • \n\t

    Presents general system state information.

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  • Host Resources MIB (RFC 2790) \n

    Presents system performance data.

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System Configuration Data

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\n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n
MetricExplanationSource MIB
sysNameThe name of the system on which Net-SNMP is running.RFC 1213 - sysName
sysDescThe hardware architecture of the system.RFC 1213 - sysDesc
hrDeviceTableup.time uses the following information returned by this metric: the number of CPUs on the system and the CPU configuration.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrDeviceTable.
memTotalRealThe amount of memory available on the system.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memTotalReal
memTotalSwapThe size of swap space available on the system.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memTotalSwap
ifDescrThe name of the network card that is installed on the system.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifDescr
ifMtuThe largest amount of data that the network interface can transmit in a single physical frame.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifMtu
ifSpeedThe maximum speed of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifSpeed
ifPhysAddressThe physical address of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifPhysAddress
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System Performance Data

\n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n\t \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n \n \n\t \n\t \n \n
MetricExplanationSource MIB
ssCpuUserThe amount of time that the CPU on the system spends executing user processes.UCD-SNMP-MIB - systemstats/ssCpuUser
ssCpuSystemThe amount of time that the CPU spends processing system calls.UCD-SNMP-MIB - systemstats/ssCpuSystem
ssCpuIdleThe amount of time that the CPU is idle. UCD-SNMP-MIB - systemstats/ssCpuIdle
hrSystemProcessesThe number of processes that are running on the system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSystemProcesses
memTotalSwapThe total amount of swap space on the system.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memTotalSwap
memAvailSwapThe amount of swap space that is available.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memAvailSwap
memAvailRealThe amount of available memory.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memAvailReal
memTotalFreeThe total amount of free memory.UCD-SNMP-MIB - memory/memTotalFree
ifDescrThe name of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifDescr
ifInOctectsThe amount of data, measured in octets, that is moving into the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifInOctects
ifInErrorsThe number of inbound errors.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifInErrors
ifOutOctectsThe amount of data, measured in octets, that is moving out of the network interface.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifOutOctects
ifOutErrorsThe number of outbound errors.RFC 1213 - interfaces/ifOutErrors
hrStorageDescrA description of the file system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrStorage/hrStorageDescr
hrStorageSizeThe total amount of storage space on the file system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrStorage/hrStorageSize
hrStorageUsedThe amount of storage space on the file system that has been used.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrStorage/hrStorageUsed
hrSWRunNameThe name of a process that is currently running.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRun/hrSWRunName
hrSWRunIndexThe ID of the process that is currently running.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRunIndex
hrSWRunPerfCPUThe number of centi-seconds of the total system CPU resources that a running process is consuming.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRunPerf/hrSWRunPerfCPU
hrSWRunPerfMemThe amount of memory that a running process is using.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSWRunPerf/hrSWRunPerfMem
hrSystemNumUsersThe number of users currently active on the system.HOST-RESOURCES-MIB - hrSystemNumUsers
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