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The Apache and PHP builds included with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor are updated with each major version change of Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. Occasionally, Apache and/or PHP release security updates that you may need to satisfy your security requirements. In those situations, you will need to manually deploy an updated version of Apache and/or PHP.

Because these newer releases of Apache and PHP have not been tested by the IDERA QA department, no guarantee can be given that they will work completely as expected. However; if issues are experienced, moving back to the original, bundled Apache and PHP is easy enough.

Note: When downloading newer binaries, be sure to choose x64 binaries for Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.1+ installs and x86 binaries for older releases of Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.

Steps for upgrading Apache

1. Get the latest Apache 2.2 binaries for Windows from ( for the 32-bit binaries)

2. Stop the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Web Server service

3. Rename the <uptime_dir>\apache directory to apache_orig

4. Unzip the Apache zip file in <uptime_dir> and rename to apache

5. Copy the contents from the apache_orig\conf directory to the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor apache conf directory (eg: C:\Program Files\uptime software\uptime\apache\conf)

6. Copy from the apache_orig\modules directory to the apache\modules directory.

7. Create tmp directory in uptime\apache directory.

8. If you are also upgrading PHP, skip to those steps now; otherwise, copy the php directory from apache_orig\ to apache\.

9. Restart the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Web Server service

Steps for upgrading PHP

1. Download the latest Thread Safe PHP binaries for Windows from The latest release of PHP 5.4 is 5.4.45 and is available at (look for filename

2. Unzip the package and rename the directory to php.

3. Rename the original php directory to php_orig in the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor installation directory (eg: c:\program files\uptime software\uptime\apache\php)

4. Move the php directory from step 2 to the apache directory (eg: c:\program files\uptime software\uptime\apache\)

5. Copy the php.ini file from the php_orig directory to the new php directory

6. Restart the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Web Server service