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Visit Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s Knowledge Base for the latest comprehensive listing of currently supported monitoring station, database, and agent platforms. The following summarizes platform support changes for Uptime Infrastructure Monitor since the previous release.

Agentless Monitoring

VMware vSphere 6Image Modified
VMware ESXi 6Image Modified

Upgrade Notices


Some users who upgrade to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor 7.6 may experience an issue that prevents the up.time Data Collector from restarting after the upgrade. This issue will be addressed in the next release of the product. In the meantime, users who observe this issue should refer to the workaround outlined in the the Knowledge Base article Data Collector will not start after upgrade to UIM 7.6.


Resolved Issues in 7.6 (Build 12 released 2015-12-03)

UT-14714The FLEXnet host ID displays a series of f’s (fffff) for License Information
UT-15223Installation on Windows 2012 Server R2 fails when the installation directory is not on c: drive
UT-15234The FLEXnet host ID displays a series of 0’s (000000000000) for License Information
UT-15517The number of blocked Processes returned by Uptime is incorrect
UT-15526Upgrade Windows Agent Console
UT-15736Resolve POODLE: SSLv3 vulnerability per CVE-2014-3566
UT-15819Customer monitor backlog
UT-1584932-bit Windows Agent unable to access 64-bit Registry Entries
UT-15863OpenSSL vulnerability - Uptime Opessl version is 1.0.1j and need version 1.0.1m
UT-15884SSLv3 No supported ciphers found vulnerability
UT-15888HP system showing partial info for network devices with names longer than 8 characters
UT-15895Windows agent crashes
UT-15896agent daemon - option to restrict requests based on IP address
UT-15911windows agent security issue [VU#377260}
UT-15918Linux machine: While installing Uptime 7.5 Linux machine "small, medium, and large are not yet replaced by 200, 500, 1000 elements"
UT-16018SSL v3.0 vulnerabilities in Controller
UT-16020Linux Agent 7.6 Install Error
UT-16028Linux Agent 7.6 SSL dependency Logic Flaw
UT-16029RSS feed in "Latest Uptime Articles" list on My Portal replaced by Uptime Resource Articles.
UT-16042ESXi Datastores Not Displaying in v7.6
UT-2268Graph is not getting generated for "last Month" option
UT-2280Error message in Datastore Capacity Growth report needs changing
UT-2281UI change for Datastores Capacity Growth Chart to singular "datastore"
UT-2282Inventory Report - Monitor Summary should use True/False in Monitored column

Resolved Issues in 7.6.1 (Build 6 released 2016-01-19)

UT-16139VMware elements marked as deleted
UT-16110Uptime 7.6 upgrade results in MS SQL backend failure
UT-16137Unable to select/show info of ESXi 6.0 when browsing vCenter 6.0 subtree
UT-16133Web application shows data collector exception after stopping and restarting MSssql db and starting services
UT-16115Resource Hot Spot report gives SQL error
UT-16135php_sqlite.dll extension error: PHP Warning: PHP Startup: Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/Program Files/uptime software/uptime/apache/php/ext/php_sqlite.dll' - The specified module could not be found.
UT-16132Exception appears while restarting database after configuring MSSql default data is not setup
UT-16126Upgrade to 7.6 creates duplicate GUI folder
UT-16114Uptime-alert alert profile should not be editable
UT-16108Uptime 7.6 upgrade issue from up.time 7.5 build 19
UT-16042ESXi datastores not displaying
UT-15986Upgrade to 7.5 or 7.6 from 7.4 creates extra backslashes in httpd.conf, breaking x-sendfile
UT-15422Pin On Image gadget not showing uploaded image

Known Issues

up.time to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Renaming


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