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ModuleDescriptionTime required
Add Elements to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

Use the Auto Discovery function to add one or more of a Hyper-V or VMware vCenter inventory, an agent-installed Linux server, a Windows server, and a network device.

up to 4 slices
Learn about configuring global settings to speed up Element additions.up to 2 slices
Review your inventory and view the Quick Snapshot page for different Element types.up to 4 slices
Tour the Web InterfaceTake a look at the different default Uptime Infrastructure Monitor dashboards2 slices
Organize Services and ElementsUnderstand the relationship between service monitors and Elements, and how they are organized. Create a service monitor group and assign it to an Element. Create an Element Group and child groups to organize Elements.3 slices
Organize Users and ViewsCreate a View that allows specific users access to a specific subgroup of Elements. Create a new user group and reassign a user to it.4 slices

Generate Reports

Revisit the Quick Snapshot pages for Element types that you are monitoring. Generate and view sample reports.3 slices
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