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    1. Install Uptime Infrastructure Monitor on your new server and collect the HostID for the new system.
    2. Log in to the uptime License Portal at

      Note that you need to be identified as a valid licensing contact to access the license portal. Please contact your IDERA Account Executive or a License Admin at your company if you require help with this step.
    3. You should see a list of your current Uptime Infrastructure Monitor deployment(s) in the center of the screen. Find the deployment you would like to re-host within that list and expand it by clicking the + sign.
    4. Click Re-host license key under the selected deployment.
    5. You will then be taken through a wizard to complete the license re-hosting. You will be required to enter the HostID and operating system of the new platform so please have that information available.
    6. At the end of the wizard, a 60-day temporary new key will be presented for the new monitoring station server. Permanent keys for the new server can be accessed from the same deployment list after you have completed the You may use the old key for up to 60 days to complete the migration to the new server or immediately if your migration is already complete.


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