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Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Service Monitoring Concepts

Before you start using Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, you should first understand the underlying service monitoring concepts.

  • Monitors

The service monitor templates that are bundled with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor. You use these templates to configure a service check.

  • Alert Profiles

Templates that tell Uptime Infrastructure Monitor exactly how to react to various alerts - issuing alert notifications and performing recovery options - generated by your service checks.

  • Host Checks

Service checks that you select and assign to each monitored host to test if it is functioning properly. Service checks are temporarily disabled if Uptime Infrastructure Monitor determines that a host that is undergoing scheduled maintenance.

  • Monitoring Periods

Specific windows during which you want to have Uptime Infrastructure Monitor generate and send alert notifications. For example, you can specify that alerts only be sent between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.

  • Monitor Escalations

The exact definitions of when and how Uptime Infrastructure Monitor should escalate service alerts if they are not acknowledged by specific users within pre-defined time limits.

  • Service Groups

Service monitor templates that enable you to apply a common service check to one or multiple hosts (servers, network devices) that you are monitoring.