Monitoring the Network

The most critical component of any application is the network that surrounds it. To ensure that your network is available and running smoothly, we suggest monitoring the following components around your database server:

Monitoring MySQL Databases

In this section we will review the monitors that are generally recommended to fully monitor your services.

Monitoring MySQL Database Performance

We recommend using the service monitors listed below to monitor the internal application performance of your database server.

Monitoring MySQL Availability

Monitoring the host server

Don't forget the value of monitoring the server that is hosting your databases. Monitoring and alerting on the performance of your servers will be critical to ensure that you maintain database availability and meet capacity demands. Monitoring on key performance indicators such as CPU Usage, Disk I/O, Network I/O and Memory usage is essential to ensure your servers are running properly.

Next Steps

Now that you are monitoring your MySQL Database Server it is time to move on to one of these next steps: