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During upgrade from Uptime v7.3 to v7.5, you may get an error message like: "Alert: Error Found: duplicate key: Uptime Status General"



  1. Execute the following query to get Uptime status service monitor("up.time status general" and "up.time status performance") definitions.

    select * from uptime.erdc_base where name like '%time St%';
  2. Delete the duplicate service monitor definitions using the following query. This base_id should be identified using the first (above) query.

    delete from erdc_base where erdc_base_id  in (<base_id>);


Before deleting the duplicate service monitors, make sure that there are no service monitors associated with the duplicate erdc base ids. We can confirm by executing the below query:

select * from erdc_configuration where erdc_base_id = '<erdc_base_id value we get from the first query>'


For such erdc_base_id value where the above query is returning empty result set we have to consider it for deletion.

After deleting duplicate service monitors, restart all the uptime services.