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The Uptime Infrastructure Monitor Monitoring Station is officially supported on the following platforms and operating systems. Note that this table is updated at the time of each Uptime Infrastructure Monitor product release. Official support status indicates that the platform and OS has completed full QA testing during the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor release process. Newer OS releases can often be used but please contact contact [email protected] for  for any questions about OS versions not listed on this table.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.7 580Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.12
Operating SystemsUptime Infrastructure Monitor Version
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.510       (minus)(warning)(tick)(tick)(plus)       (minus)(plus)  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4     (minus)(tick)(plus)   
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9   (minus)(warning)(plus)     
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.10 (minus)(tick)(tick)(plus)      
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5       (minus)(warning)(tick)(tick)(plus)    (minus)(warning)(tick)(tick)(plus)  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.    (minus)(warning)7(tick)(plus)   Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3    (minus)(tick)(tick)(plus)  
 Red Hat Enterprise Linux 67.40 (minus)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)     Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 (minus)(tick)(tick)(plus)    
  Red Hat Enterprise Linux 67.71(tick)(warning)(plus)         
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.02(minus)(tick)(plus)         
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.13(warning)(plus)         Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.2(tick)(plus)  
       Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.34(plus)          
Solaris 10 (SPARC)      (minus)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.1       (minus)(tick)(tick)(tick)
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.2     (minus)(tick)(plus)   
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.3(minus)(warning)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)     
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11.4(plus)          
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.0(warning)(plus)         
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.1(plus)          
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12.3(plus)          
Windows Server 2008 R2    (minus)(warning)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1(warning)(warning)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Windows Server 2012(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)    
Windows Server 2012 R2(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)     
Windows Server 2016(tick)(plus)         
Windows 7    (minus)(warning)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Windows 7 SP1 (minus)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Windows 10(tick)(tick)(plus)        

(tick) Supported  Supported and tested

(plus) Support  Support added in this release

(warning) Supported  Supported but not tested

(minus) Support  Support removed in this release