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  • SNMP Action: Walk
  • SNMP Data Type: String or Integer, set this based on what your OID is excepted to return.
  • SNMP OID: The OID for the column you need to do the threshold comparison against
  • SNMP Table Index OID (Walk): The OID for a column within the same Table array that can act as an index or name for the results returned.
  • SNMP Table Index Filter: This field allows you to apply an optional regex filter against the SNMP Table Index, and only returns the results that match. Leave blank if you don't want to filter based on the 'SNMP Table Index OID'


Here's an example of how to walk the ifInErrors column of the ifTable and return the results matched to their ifDescr:


  • SNMP Action: Walk
  • SNMP Data Type: String
  • SNMP OID: .
  • SNMP Table Index OID (Walk): .
  • SNMP Table Index Filter: vlan