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  1. On the current up.time installation, generate a problem report using the Problem Reporting link under the Config tab.
  2. Install the same version of up.time on your new up.time server. It is very important that the export system and the import system are using the same up.time version.
  3. Copy this problem report to your new up.time server and place it in the up.time installation directory.
  4. Import the configuration from your problem report by running the following commands (replace PR-NAME with the full path & file name for your problem report, e.g. or /root/

     On Windows:

    Code Block
    On Windows: 
    >net stop "up.time Data Collector" 
    >C:>Program Files>uptime software>uptime>resetdb --nodata really 
    >C:>Program Files>uptime software>uptime>scripts>primport PR-NAME 
    >net start "up.time Data Collector"






    Code Block
     /etc/init.d/uptime_core stop 
    /usr/local/uptime/resetdb --nodata really 
    /usr/local/uptime/scripts/primport PR-NAME 
    /etc/init.d/uptime_core start