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If your monitoring station server has a TOE-enabled network card, you may need to disable it.  TOE is intended to accelerate long-running TCP connections.  Since up.time Because Uptime Infrastructure Monitor uses many short-lived connections to contact agents, its process can be mismanaged by the TOE.  Please perform the following commands on the monitoring station to disable TOE:


Windows TCP Stack is overloaded

If up.time Uptime Infrastructure Monitor is monitoring more than 500 services, you may find that the default Windows TCP stack options are not sufficient to maintain the outbound up.time Uptime Infrastructure Monitor connections.  In this case, we recommend adjusting registry settings on the monitoring station to relieve some common TCP bottlenecks:


Please review - Information about the TCP Chimney Offload for detailed explanation of what the TCP Chimney Offload is and instructions (including an option to run a wizard) to guide you through this change.


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