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The following error typically occurs when an agent on a Solaris or Linux system is not returning data or can not cannot be added to up.timeUptime Infrastructure Monitor:

uptime agent daemon.error: Permission denied


This problem may also be detected by the presence of the following log message in the /var/adm/messages or /var/log/messages files: 

Code Block
Oct 30 10:48:07 hostname inetd[6402]: [ID 388736 daemon.error] execv /opt/uptime-agent/bin/uptmagnt: Permission denied


This error is generally caused by inetd attempting to run the uptmagnt binary as one user when the binary is owned by another user.  In the example above, we can find that the /opt/uptime-agent/bin/uptmagnt file is owned by nobody:


However, the inted.conf file shows that the uptmagnt is to be run as the uptime user:

Code Block
# grep uptmagnt /etc/inetd.conf
# *** Installed by the up.time pkgadd command (uptmagnt) uptmagnt stream tcp nowait uptime /opt/uptime-agent/bin/uptmagnt


By changing the inetd.conf line to run the uptmagnt as nobody instead of uptime and then restarting inetd, the agent should start responding normally.