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The usual error in the event log is as follows:

vent ID: 1010

Detail Text:
The Collect Procedure for the (service name) service in DLL (DLL name) generated an exception or returned an invalid status. Performance data returned by counter DLL will not be returned in Perf Data Block. Exception or status code returned is DWORD 0.

Perflib calls the performance extension functions in a structured exception handler __try block. This is posted if an exception occurred or RaiseException was called in the Collect function. The data field will have the exception code. For example, C0000005 means there was an Access Violation.

Expertise: Developer of named extensible counter DLL


The generally recommended value is 0x04 as this will generally cause perflib to ignore most errors and not stop the loading of performance counters after an error.


You can suppress additional logging entries by changing the following values in the KEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionPerflib key:





1object and counter lengths are checked for consistency
2buffer overflows or guard pages are checked
3no checking is made but does not suppress exception handling





0no errors are reported
1user event log error messages (1000-1013)
2warnings and errors used for debugging (1000-2002)
3verbose, all information (1000-3000)


Set the EventLogLevel value to 0.


If you continue to encounter errors, contact uptime Support for further assistance.