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Uptime Infrastructure Monitor may be accessed from the following officially-supported web browsers.supports the latest version of the following web browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Mozilla Firefox

Uptime Infrastructure Monitor requires JavaScript to be enabled, locally stored cookies and ActiveX (on Internet Explorer). Only browsers on PC platforms are officially supported.



Web Transaction Monitor is Java-based and does NOT work with modern browsers. Creating new monitors is disabled. This monitor works only if your UIM installation already has previously-captured Web Transaction monitor recordings. This does not affect previously-configured Web Transaction Monitors.

Operating SystemsUptime Infrastructure Monitor Version
Internet Explorer 8      (minus)(warning)(warning)(warning)
Internet Explorer 9  (minus)(warning)(warning)(warning)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)
Internet Explorer 10(minus)(warning)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)   
Internet Explorer 11(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(tick)(plus)    
Firefox 7       (minus)(warning)(tick)
Firefox 11      (minus)(warning)(plus) 
Firefox 14     (minus)(warning)(plus)  
Firefox 19    (minus)(warning)(plus)   
Firefox 25  (minus)(warning)(tick)(plus)    
Firefox 37 (minus)(warning)(plus)      
Firefox 41(warning)(tick)(plus)       
Firefox 46(plus)         
Firefox 60(plus)         
Chrome 14       (minus)(warning)(plus)
Chrome 18      (minus)(warning)(plus) 
Chrome 21     (minus)(warning)(plus)  
Chrome 25   (minus)(warning)(warning)(plus)   
Chrome 33  (minus)(warning)(tick)(plus)    
Chrome 44(minus)(warning)(tick)(plus)      
Chrome 45(warning)(plus)        
Chrome 51(plus)         
Chrome 69(plus)         
Microsoft Edge 20(minus)(warning)(plus)       
Microsoft Edge 25(tick)(plus)        

(tick) Supported and tested

(plus) Support added in this release

(warning) Supported but not tested

(minus) Support removed in this release