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UT-18655Missing Icon When SLA Object is in Maintenance Mode
UT-18632Update HA Implementation docs to reflect unsupported platforms
UT-18627"Windows File Shares (SMB)" service monitor fails for Windows Server 2016 file share
UT-18616Archive of Performance data fails
UT-18615Upgrade to Uptime 7.8.3 installation fails with error, "Uptime web server has not started on port 9999"
UT-18614Add MySQL replication plugin to The Grid
UT-18612WMI passwords are saved as plain text and presented in the web form
UT-18610HTTP Web Service check fails for some service monitors
UT-18599, UT-18600Add 'limited support' statement to Web Application Transaction (WAT) monitor
UT-18585Archive Policy not working
UT-18582The Oracle (Basic Check) service monitor fails on some Oracle Databases
UT-18580Upgrade Apache version
UT-18577Abnormal values in Multi-CPU generation report
UT-18570Abnormal values in y-axis of the graph in SLA summary report
UT-18560Resource HotSpot Report is generating errors
UT-18534Various issues with installer scripts prevent successful upgrade / reinstall
UT-18520HTTP / Web Services / SOAP (Advanced) monitor broken in 7.8.2 for SSL sites
UT-18450Fix SQL injection vulnerability - Capacity Planning, Capacity What if
UT-18178Bad sql query in archiving...exception in logs
UT-18129Null check interval error messages in uptime.log
UT-18123Uptime Agent missing from 7.8.2 upgraded monitoring station
UT-17890Faulty logic in VMware API handling shows powered down ESX hosts as in maintenance and is not alerting
UT-17824Linux agents on RHEL 7+ systems report high memory usage (false positive).
UT-17656Ping response is always > 500msUT-17421High Memory Usage in Windows Agent
UT-17213Uptime crashing, there are many Java out of Memory errors
UT-17070Windows Event Log Scanner does not alert for event IDs 7036, 256, 258
UT-17055Bug in added support of Big and Little Endian modes for Agents on Linux/AIX on POWER platform
PLUG-389Postgres Basic plug-in error in UIM 7.7.3