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ExerciseDescriptionTime required

Install an Agent on a Server

Install an agent script on a server for enhanced metric collection.1 slice
Configure Global Agent CollectionConfigure Uptime Infrastructure Monitor to use a standard set of properties to add agent-based servers with Auto Discovery.½ slice
Configure Global WMI CollectionConfigure Uptime Infrastructure Monitor with details about your WMI implementation, to add Windows-based servers with Auto Discovery.½ slice
Add Agent and WMI Servers Using Auto DiscoveryUse Auto Discovery to detect different server platforms.1 slice
Review Your Current InventoryReview your discovered inventory so far. Learn how to view performance and system information for an Element.1 slice


Now that you have installed an agent on a server, you could add it to Uptime Infrastructure Monitor by using its host name. However, in a more realistic deployment, you would likely be installing agents on many servers. In this scenario, using auto discovery Auto Discovery can expedite the process if you tell Uptime Infrastructure Monitor how to find all servers with an agent installed.  


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