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This article only applies to the up.time 7.2 to address this issue upgrade up.time 7.3 or later and do not apply this update.

If for some reason you cannot upgrade to up.time 7.3 then proceed with this update.


Oracle released a Critical Update for Java that addressed a variety of security concerns.  As part of this update, there were changes in how the JRE handles permissions for Java Applets.  To maintain compatibility with this Java update, we have released a new version of the up.time graphing Applets.

Follow these steps to apply this update to your up.time 7.2 Monitoring Station:
  1. Download the following .zip archive that contains the updated jar files:
  2. Connect to your up.time 7.2 server, and stop all the up.time services: Starting (or restarting ) and Stopping up.time

  3. Navigate to the directory where up.time was installed ( <uptime_dir> ):
Default Windows Location: C:\Program Files\uptime software\uptime\
Default Linux location: /usr/local/uptime
From within the <uptime_dir> navigate to /GUI/java/
Extract the contents of the into this directory, and overwrite any existing files.
The updated files should be:
4. Start your up.time 7.2 services: Starting (or restarting ) and Stopping up.time
The up.time graphs should now be working properly.