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Operating System and VersionAgent Version
Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS
Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS(warning)(warning)(tick)
Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS(tick)(plus)
Ubuntu Server 17.04 LTS(plus)

Ubuntu Server 18.00 LTS(plus)

Debian 7(warning)(warning)(warning)
Debian 8(warning)(warning)(warning)
Unix Systems - AIX
Operating System and VersionArchitectureAgent Version
AIX 7.1 TL3POWER7(tick)
AIX 7.1 TL4POWER7(plus)
AIX 7.2 TL0POWER7(plus)
AIX 7.2 TL1POWER8(plus)

Agentless Monitoring

For an expanded list of supported agentless monitoring platforms, see Supported Agentless Platforms in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor.