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The following approach is generally recommended for monitoring the health of your vCenter servers:


  • Install an agent on the vCenter server to monitor its overall performance and system health.
  • Use the Windows Service Check monitor to verify that the following services are running:
    • VMware Infrastructure Web Access;
    • VMware License Server (if it is running on the target vC install);
    • VMware VirtualCenter Server.
  • Use the HTTP monitor to ensure that the /ui/ page is responding to web requests on the vCenter Server.
  • Monitor the following on the vCenter MSSQL/Oracle DB server:
    • tablespace capacity;
    • connectivity using the basic monitor for the appropriate DB type;
    • system application event logs for error level events.
  • Monitor the file system capacity of the volumes hosting the vCenter application and database files.
  • Monitor the application event log of the vCenter server, specifically searching for Error events within the VMware VirtualCenter Server source.