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In environments with large MySQL caches, the MySQL database may not be available before the Data Collector service times out.  This is due to the additional time needed for MySQL to load the cache data.


For Monitoring Stations installed on Windows, you may set up a dependency between the MySQL Uptime Data Store and the Collector and Controller services.

  1. Open a command prompt using the run as administrator option so that sc.exe can be run with elevated permissions.

  2. Run the following two commands:
sc config "Uptime Data Collector" depend= "Uptime Data Store"
sc config "Uptime Controller" depend= "Uptime Data Store"

After setting up these dependencies, the collector and controller will not try to start unless the data store (MySQL) is running. You may also choose to edit the properties of the collector and controller in the failure actions section to allow them both to attempt automatic restart.