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Email alerts may not be sent for one or more of the following reasons:


  1. The SMTP server settings are incorrect.  If you are receiving other email alerts or are able to email a report to yourself, the SMTP configuration is likely correct.  However, if you are not receiving any email from Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, check your SMTP settings under the Uptime Infrastructure Monitor CONFIG tab.  The Mail Servers option allows you to configure and test your SMTP email server settings.
  2. The email address is invalid.  The recipient's email address may be typed incorrectly or the email account that Uptime Infrastructure Monitor sends emails through may not have permissions to relay messages to the target account.
  3. The Association between the User, the Notification Group, the Alert Profile and the Service monitor may not be complete.  To check this case, verify the following:
    • Is the user assigned to a Notification Group?
    • Is that Notification Group assigned to an Alert Profile?
    • Is that Alert Profile assigned to your Service Monitor?
  4. The service has not failed all re-checks required to register an outage.  A service must fail all re-checks defined within the service monitor alert settings for the failure to register as an outage.  If the re-checks do not fail, or only some of them fail (e.g. 1 of 3), an outage will not be recorded and an alert will not be sent.  You can verify this condition by reviewing the Service Outages report (consecutive outages of WARN or CRIT must be seen to assume an email alert should have been sent).
  5. The user may not have visibility to the target server.  If the user can not view the agent server that is generating the alert, the alert will not be sent to the user.